I hope that by inviting you to read about my journey, you can see thorugh my experience that having lupus can show us how much we can overcome and how strong we actually are. It can shape us into the warriors we never knew we could be and it can help us become resilient in life. It can help us focus on achieving a sense of balance and it can teach us compassion towards others who may be facing invisible battles.

I promised myself that I would be a message of hope to anyone who is newly diagnosed and /or living with lupus since I was so unsuccessful in looking for positive messages when I was first diagnosed. I felt so blessed to have had the resources I had around me that taught me so much about the aspects of lupus, the human body, the triggers that cause inflammation, how to maintain balance between the body, mind and spirit, how to overcome the negative and dwell in the positive and how to live the best life I have ever lived: one of mindfulness (as opposed to restriction); one of confidence, empowerment and one where I am an active participant in making decisions towards my wellbeing and inevitably taking control back into my own hands.

As a result I wrote the book “Lupus My Constant Companion and Greatest Inspiration” which includes my entire journey of living with lupus, including the challenges and the inspirations that have now enabled me to live a mindful life, rich with confidence and compassion. In the book, I have shared everything from the challenges of being diagnosed and the initial turbulent months, and everything I learned by keeping various personal journals, every single blood test, nutritional assessment, and a whole host of other information, in order to understand how lupus is triggered and how to manage my life in ways that enabled me to feel more energetic, balanced than I ever experienced before my diagnosis.

For those who have been diagnosed with lupus, I hope that by sharing my journey, you can avoid a lot of the fear, panic, confusion and despair that often comes with this diagnosis. The purpose of listing every bad judgement as well as every success through my experience is simply to support self-discovery in others. I’m a firm believer we need to be our own advocates and having all the information around us, empowers us to make better decisions toward our own wellbeing.A key message I hope to relay in this book is that healing is an integrated approach that involves the body, mind and spirit and that we can thrive while living with lupus.See what other’s are saying about the book:

Like all of us, Ferzana had an image of what a successful life was supposed to include but had that derailed by the harshness of a life threatening illness. She allows the reader in to the intimate details of her life and demonstrates a path that allowed her to emerge successful in even more ways and able to enjoy a wonderful quality of life. Though Ferzana’s dance partner happens to be lupus, her experiences and methods are universal for any chronic illness. Dr. Richard Wiginton, Canada.lineThe book is full of practical and easy to follow tips for those living with Lupus. Woven throughout the book is the authors’ personal journey with Lupus: beginning with feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness after initial diagnosis, to her finding her way to strength and inspiration with Lupus as her constant guide. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and not only did I find the authors personal story inspirational, but many of the tips also applied to my illness and have already helped me in my life. I am also buying copies of this book for everyone in my family as I think it will help them in understanding what it is like to live with an invisible/chronic illness, and show them ways they can provide support. I highly recommend this book to anyone living with Lupus, or chronic illness! Danielle, United Kingdom.

The book is inspiring, for a condition that I have read so much on, each gave their journey and hopeful messages, yet this journey is different, full of living life to the fullest and what it took to get there. The book has opened my eyes to a fuller extent on the journey of living with Lupus, a greater understanding and the emphasis on different types of care, especially self care and has opened up many possibilities. Having a family member with Lupus, and this brings it all into perspective. Love the logo and the website is amazing. This book gave me a greater appreciation for what the day to day holds, and the inspiration of new hope! Highly recommend it. Jackie, Canada.line

I would highly recommend this book to anyone living with Lupus or another chronic illness and to those that love them. It is an insightful, strikingly uplifting account that outlines a positive and balanced framework to healing. The author, who candidly outlines her own personal experience living with Lupus, takes us on a journey that leads to a place of Yes. Yes, better health is within your realm; Yes you can embrace the challenges of Lupus and chronic illness and come out better on the other side; and Yes, you can live a meaningful, joyful, healthy life. I personally live with a chronic illness and know that living with a chronic illness can make one feel that something else or bigger is in control; however, the author reminds us that we each play a pivotal role in directing our own path to healing. The insights shared remind us that we are the conductor of our lives, empowered and able to shift our perspective to attain better health. A must read. This book inspires hope and serves as a constant companion reminding us all that we possess the very tools required to take action and bring wellness into our sphere of existence, starting today. Andy, Canada. line