Since we are made up of a physical self, an emotional self and a spiritual self, healing should take into account each of these aspects in order to create a sense of balance.

Nourishing your body with healthy foods is as important as nourishing your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts, as well as striving to focus on an inner sense of peace.

The physical aspect seems the most obvious and there is no shortage of information on how to achieve physical health. However, since the emotional and spiritual aspect is so personal and unique to every individual and to a great extend dependent on several immeasurable factors such as our experience at conception, as children, teenagers and adults we need to focus more time on understanding ourselves better: our thought processes, habits, etc.

The Physical Self: On a physical level, I found the more I learned about lupus and my own body, the more I learned  about the physical triggers like certain foods and activities that made my symptoms worse. Cutting them out started making me feel better and this drove me to want to continue to learn about all my triggers that could be eliminated and keep me in a sustained sense of physical well-being.

The Emotional Self: Keeping a sense of emotional well-being may be more challenging at times since it is sometimes hard to lift ourselves from feelings of pain and misery. In my case, the better I was able to understand my physical triggers, the less pain I had the more I could focus on my emotional well-being. I enjoyed keeping a “Gratitude List” in which I would write 5 things I was grateful for every morning and 5 different things I was grateful for every evening. After a couple of weeks I started to feel more uplifted and more hopeful. I also watched a lot of funny shows and DVDs to keep a constant positive environment around me.

The Spiritual Self: I found that taking some time in silence (talking a walk in nature on my own, closing my eyes and focusing on my thoughts, visualizing a time where I would be my strong and vibrant self again) created a greater sense of peace within me. I also continued to focus on prayer which continued to keep my faith strong and aligned me to continue believing Lupus was brought into my life for a higher purpose and that I needed to continue to keep my faith strong.

If you would like to know more about the tools that helped me feel a greater sense of physical, emotional and spiritual balance, details can be found in my book, Lupus My Constant Companion and Greatest Inspiration in which I have shared my entire 5 year journey from the challenges of being diagnosed, the initial turbulent months, and everything I learned by keeping various personal journals, every single blood test, nutritional assessment, and a whole host of other information, in order to understand how lupus is triggered and how to manage my life in ways that enabled me to feel more energetic, balanced and joyful than I ever experienced before my diagnosis.